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Title:  Investing

Writer: Manish chauhan

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About the Book: 5 Things You Should Know Before Investing Investing can be intimidating. But its also Necessary. Even if you are not trained to build your own investment portfolio, and religiously follow the markets, there is a certain amount of investing that you can and should not be doing. But where do you start? 5 things you wanted to know before investing comes to your rescue by making it easy for you to decide which investment product works for you. Since its easy to get sidetracked by bad advice or get rich quick schemes, the book provides you the tools to make an informed decision. Culled out from 16 Personal Finance Principles every Investor should know and How to be your own financial planner in 10 steps, it cuts through the chaff leaving you with the keys to make the right financial choices. About the Author: Manish Chauhan Manish Chauhan is a personal finance blogger from the last 5 years who contributes to financial literacy and investor education through his famous and one of the most read personal finance blogs His core focus over the years has been to bring change in the Indian mind set about money-related issues and how to live a great financial life and be an informed investor. Manish is the author of the bestselling book 16 Personal Finance Principles Every Investor Should Know which became an instant hit with readers because it was a unique personal finance book that talked about the real things concerning an investor. His latest release How to be a financial planner in 10 steps helps the reader plan his financial life in a systematic manner Manish is known in the area of personal finance for his easy-to-understand approach and highly vibrant investor community, which has grown over the years. He can be reached at

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