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Title:  Is that your hand in my pocket

Writer: Ron lembert , tom park

Categorie: Management

Book Id: man 025

Are your customers picking your pocket? Tired of closing (or losing) deals that are all about price? Feel like you've been out-smarted and out-maneuvered by your customers? Is That Your Hand in My Pocket? teaches you how to hold your own when you are up against purchasing and procurement pros. You will learn how to: Deal with the bullies, the screamers, and the intimidators Recognize and respond effectively to buyer tactics Read important non-verbal signals for insights into what the buyer is really thinking Choose the negotiating style most likely to get the deal that you want Understand gender differences in negotiations Get and hold on to power Passing along to you the same skill sets, techniques, and strategies that have saved their Fortune 1000 clients over $2 billion, authors Ron Lambert and Tom Parker teach you how to hold your own with buyers who are interested only in their bottom line.

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