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Title:  The basic of the bonds

Writer: Gerald krefetz

Categorie: Management

Book Id: man 029

How to make the most out of investing your money in bonds Investing in bonds is very popular whether these be corporate debentures, government securities, savings certificates, discount bonds, income schemes of mutual funds, etc. The lure: bonds and other fixed income investment avenues offer relatively greater safety of capital with predictable returns. Often, however, investors mistakenly believe that bonds are "riskless" investment. This is a big fallacy. While it true that the risks are lower and the returns more predictable than in the case of investments in shares, investing in bonds is also subject to a variety of risks which you need to be clear about if you don’t wish to find yourself in an unexpected investment hole. This book by a U.S. investment expert will assist you in making intelligent decisions about your fixed-income investing. Highlights: Why invest in bonds Different types of bonds, and how to judge the risks and returns of each Understanding yields and total return, maturity and duration, income and yield and special benefits How risk and price volatility affect your bond investments How to create a balanced portfolio of bonds. Now, you don’t have to be confused about investing in bonds. This book offers you the must-know principles, expert guidance and sensible solutions to do so profitably.

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