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Title:  Business management the gita way

Writer: Swami someshwernanda

Categorie: Management

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A lot of changes have taken place in the world.Human perception is changing.New avenues are opening up.The agricultural revolution ruled the world for a long time.Then came the industrial culture.And now post-industrial era.But what about the human face?Production,growth,business,business,profitability..for whom?Ultimately all these are for mankind.Change is a must.But is there nothing permanent?Only transition,and no foundation? The problem is that we lack a strong foundation.And this 'we' does not mean only Indians,but the whole world.We have to question many of our theories,business management needs to be re-defined.This book will show the reader the changes required,based on a strong foundation. Instead of quoting shlokas (verses from scriptures) and giving their detailed meanings,Business Management:The Gita Way concentrates on the implementation of these teachings.For example,the Gita says:work is to be done in the spirit of yagna and yagna is nurturing each other.A chapter is also devoted to the Gita & Business Growth. All the chapters are adopted from the lectures delivered by the author.

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