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Title:  Quarantine

Writer: Rahul me

Categorie: Story

Book Id: sto 003

Last week during one of our marathon telephone conversations my mother askedme which one of us, me or frank, was the woman in our relationship. ‘Neither of us, obviously,’ i said. ‘that’s what makes us gay.’ ‘very funny,’ my mom said. ‘Someone on oprah said that of ten gay couples have one person who plays the man and the other who plays the woman. So i was wondering which you were.’ ‘Frank and i don’t believe in hetero - normative gender roles,’ i told her. I knew my mom didn’t know what ‘hetero - normative’ meant, so i figured she’d drop it. ‘so who does the cooking and cleaning?’ she asked. I could have truthfully answered ‘neither of us.’ insteadi asked, ‘is that what you think womanhood is, mom, cooking and cleaning? ’Rahul mehta’s stories are inhabited by young, gay Indian men on the wrong side of the American dream: Adrift in the world, in complicated relationships, and with uncertain futures. Here are lovers who go to a nightclub deciding to cheat on each other; a couple slowly breaking up whilethey holiday; a young man who can’t stop himself from burning up all his money; another whoreluctantly prepares his grandmother for her us citizenship test. In a voice that’s bare and wry, edgy and tender, Rahul mehta writes of desire and family ties withrare candor. This is an outstanding debut.

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