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Title:  The serving leader

Writer: Ken blanchard

Categorie: Motivational

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Key Features The second book in The Ken Blanchard Series-selected and with a foreword by Ken Blanchard A unique and practical "action approach" to servant leadership-a popular and widely espoused concept that figures prominently in the writings of Ken Blanchard, Peter Senge, Stephen Covey, Peter Block, and many others Uses a compelling story format with highly sympathetic characters to make servant leadership accessible to a wide audience About the Book: The Serving Leader At a time of increasing concern about ethics at the top, TheServing Leader makes the case for an approach to leadership that isboth more moral and more effective than the ruthless,anything-for-the-bottom-line approach that has brought disgrace-andoften ruin-to many once-mighty organizations. "Serving leaders"lead by serving others, not by using them. As one of the charactersin the book notes, "A leader qualifies to be first by putting otherpeople first." It sounds paradoxical, but it works-and The ServingLeader shows precisely how and why. While The Serving Leader uses a parable to outline the basics ofservant leadership, all the people in it are based on real people,the organizations depicted are based on real organizations-and theresults they achieved are what really happened. Ken Jennings andJohn Stahl-Wert use an engaging and moving story about an estrangedson, his dying father, and a remarkable group of innovative leadersin business, volunteer organizations, and civic groups toillustrate five pragmatic principles of servant leadership. On onelevel The Serving Leader is the most practical guide available toimplementing servant leadership; on a deeper level, it is a bookabout the personal journey of growth that real leadershiprequires. About the Authors: Ken Jennings, John Stahl-Wert Ken Jennings, Ph.D. is a senior partner at Venture Works and heis a former co-director of the Global Leadership Program at theUniversity of Michigan Business School and draws on deep experienceas a managing par

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