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Title:  The perfect world

Writer: Priya kumar

Categorie: Motivational

Book Id: mot 068

When dreams are exchanged for compromise, when the truth is exchanged for denial, You lose yourself. The Perfect World is a journey of reclaiming your power to be, do and have anything you want. This inspirational fable not only takes you on a journey into the universe but also on a parallel journey within. Sprinkled with fun, triumph and wisdom, the story urges you towards choices of power, passion and purpose in your daily actions. The Perfect World will lead you towards your spiritual awareness and spiritual greatness, for that is the true meaning of success. Key Selling Point: Established author with two existing fast moving titles - I am Another You and License to Live. Promotional materials include bookmarks, posters, danglers, teaser booklet and table tents. Strong P/R campaign backed with press coverage, online social media and radio shows with BIG FM to create a nationwide buzz. In store promotions with bookshops and corporate events.

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