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Title:  Spirituality unplugged

Writer: Rajiv r gupta

Categorie: Motivational

Book Id: mot 093

The pressures of modern living, the accompanying stress and lack of purpose in life drive a lot of people to seek refuge in spirituality. This book is for rational, ambitious and educated people who would like to know whether adding spirituality to their lives is really important. It outlines clear-cut ways & means of attaining fulfilment in life through the spiritual path, while actively pursuing one?s material aspirations.The book provides:?A theoretical framework covering concepts and principles with special emphasis on often encountered contradictions?An overview of specific organisations like Art of Living, Osho International Foundation and techniques like Transcendental Meditation, Vipassana and many others?An objective and quantifiable process to assess which path is best suited for a given seeker?Realistic expectation of results so that there is minimal disillusionment?Insights on how to assess if one is on the right track especially if no tangible progress is observable

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