About Krazy Reader

A book is a man’s good friend, they say, and I couldn’t agree more. To read is to light a fire. Every word read is a spark, that will ignite a passion, that nothing but a book can douse. This fire, this passion was an inspiration to start KRAZY READER, an online book store that enables every reader to quench his thirst for reading.

KRAZY READER deals in second hand books only, thereby contributing in saving the environment, in a small way. These books create less demand for new ones, and so reducing the cutting of trees. Used books have enriched many lives and are still going strong spreading joy and the magic of reading.

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Why Krazy Reader?

  • Crazy Reader is a haven for book lovers. It’s a treasure trove of fiction, Sci-Fi, educational books, children’s books, and many other categories.
  • Books in other languages are also available.
  • A massive range of books are available at affordable prices.

What we do

  • Reading rewards.
  • Tell a friend.
  • Double discount.

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